Do you teach entrepreneurship? Click here to find out how to get free copies of Unleash Your Inner Company for your class.

Unleash Your Inner Company for Educators

If you…

  • Teach an accredited college or university course in entrepreneurship
  • Create an approved course syllabus around Unleash Your Inner Company, and
  • Will teach the course within the next 12 months

…John Chisholm Ventures will provide you free paperback copies of Unleash Your Inner Company for your entire class. Please start by becoming familiar with the book’s 10-step guide for participants to discover, launch, and scale their ideal businesses. Next, develop a syllabus around the book tailored to your course and objectives. Then please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name, academic title, postal address, phone number, and email address
  2. Name and address of accredited college or university
  3. Name, number, and description of entrepreneurship course
  4. Dates the course will be offered, number of sessions, and estimated number of students
  5. Proposed course syllabus
  6. Address to which books should be shipped, contact name and phone number.

We’ll review your proposed course syllabus and respond promptly. After we approve your syllabus, please allow ten days for shipping within the US, more if outside the US. You’ll be responsible for shipping costs.