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How To Build Your Ideal Business With John Chisholm

The one great advantage John had when starting his first business. (Surprisingly almost nobody sees that as an advantage. Do you?) Why John thinks there’s never been so many unsatisfied...

Review of Matt Ridley's How Innovation Works: And Why it Flourishes in Freedom

John's review of Matt Ridley's new book.

How to Deliberately Build Your Self-Confidence

In this December, 2019 MIT Startup Bootcamp webinar, John discusses how to deliberately build your self-confidence to keep you going through tough times.

Drones, Dangerous Animals, and Peeping Toms

Exploring the impact of imposed vs. organic regulation on entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth.

Design the Optimal Legal System for Your Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

In this January, 2018 keynote address at Chapman Law School, John discusses tools and techniques for designing legal systems for SEZs wherever they may be throughout the world. The...

Unleash Your Inner Company at Cambridge Judge Business School

In this March, 2017 presentation at the Judge Business School Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Cambridge, England, John offered guidance on discovering, growing, scaling, and selling your ideal business.

How Will AI Affect Innovation Ecosystems?

John discusses how ecosystems of innovation produce and improve technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Presentation given on December 8, 2017 at the Artificial Intelligence International Youth Summit held in Hefei, Anhui...

How Western Civilization Enabled Silicon Valley

Presented at “Western Civilisation Conference: The Sun Rises in the West II” which was hosted by the Mannkal Foundation in Australia.

Interview with Libre Mercado

Madrid-based Libre Mercado interviews John on how online education empowers students and the best teachers alike (scroll down page for English translation).

What can the EU Learn from Silicon Valley

Video from the Free Market Roadshow stop in Milan, Italy.

Robots And Software Eating Jobs? Let Them, You Can Create Your Own

New technologies are eating jobs. Big deal, you might say. After all, the steam engine, cotton gin, sewing machine, and automobile all eliminated jobs. The fact is that new technologies...

10 Lessons in Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Feedback

From 1992 to 2009, I ran online survey software and research companies Decisive Technology (now part of Google) and CustomerSat (now part of Confirm-IT). Decisive was the first software company...

As Entrepreneurs Keep Reminding Us, They Lied To Us In Econ. 101

Can theoretical, scientific study of complex systems inform the hardscrabble world of start-ups? Yes. To see how, meet the Santa Fe Institute.

Wireless Spectrum and Fossil Fuels: “Scarce” Resources that Keep Proliferating

What do oil, natural gas, and radio spectrum capacity have in common? All three were predicted in recent years to run out. But all three have kept growing...

6 Ways To Save U.S. Startups And Jobs From Death By Regulation

If the Internet makes it easier than ever to start a company, why are fewer of them getting started today?

Release Your Inner Company

In entrepreneurship, where do you start? How important is a co-founder, and what should you look for? How can you best leverage technology? When are the best times to raise...

Interview with The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship

In this candid interview, John discusses how getting fired led him to start his first company, the approach he uses to assess start-ups, the importance of psychology in entrepreneurship, and...

Interview with Dr. Stephen Hicks of CEE

Dr. Stephen Hicks, professor of philosophy at Rockford University, interviews John Chisholm, serial entrepreneur and founder of John Chisholm Ventures. They discuss reasons to become an entrepreneur, the personal values...